JMHS Key Club!


Hey you, how do you feel?

This is the home of the John Marshall High School Key Club Wolves! This page is for the members so that they can be kept updated and read about other fellow Key Clubbers' experiences. Feel free to submit photos or your own stories for everyone to see.
The Officers

Core Board:
President: Janine Raymundo
Vice President: Ernestine Hong
Secretary: Kenny Yamaguchi
Treasurer: Brian Woo
Bulletin Editor: Grace Martinez
Recognition Coordinator: Michelle Simbajon

Senior Class Rep: Colleen Eng
Junior Class Rep: Robina Henson
Sophomore Class Rep: Lia Kim
Freshman Class Rep: TBD
Historian: Colene Encarnado
Tech Editor: Lucine Poturyan

If you have any questions, you can either ask us through the ask box, visit our John Marshall HS Key Club's Weebly Website, or talk to the officers directly! Our job as officers is to serve the members because they're the ones that do the service!

Hey Tumblr! D3-South’s John Marshall Key Club is hosting Hip-Hop / KPOP workshops on January 18 and we have a special guest coming!

Choreographer of famous Kpop groups and solo artists such as 2NE1 and Taeyang, Aimee Lee Lucas, will be teaching at the intermediate / hard kpop class!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to submit a question into our ask box and we’ll gladly answer it. More information is on the event page itself. See you there!

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